Pole Dancer suffers from total recall

usb-pole-dancer.jpgSometimes while surfing the great dragnet of news that we call the Internet, there occasionally surfaces a piece of news that is too good to keep to ourselves, and hence the need to express it for our dear readers. For instance, a toy pole dancer has been yanked off the shelves by Marks & Spencer within a week after a number of prudish and angry shoppers filed their complaints regarding the impropriety of such a toy for the upcoming holiday season.

The USB Pole Dancer will start to dance around the pole to some disco music with an accompaniment of flashing lights, pretty much like what a real life pole dancer experiences. All you need to do is plug her into any available USB port and she is good to go. As the music goes on, she will continue to gyrate up and down the pole while going around it in circles.

This USB-powered blonde measures 8″ tall, who wears a tiny red number and a matching crimson lipstick, fanned the hopes of store managers that they will be a big hit this Christmas but the opposite effect happened. Despite being labeled ‘Not Suitable for Children’, scores of complaints regarding the offensiveness of the £19.50 toy forced store managers to quickly clear off the USB Pole Dancer in a jiffy, which is a pity since it would have made a great gift amongst colleagues. Perhaps the recalled stock could be sold elsewhere, like an adult toy shop or at a prank store?

Source: Daily Mail UK

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