PolarPro Defender keeps your camera lenses safe

Casual photographers do not care too much for purchasing a variety of lenses, but serious shutterbugs continue to search out the next best lens for their cameras. Traveling with a wide variety of lenses might give you options, but it also adds another headache as you constantly think about protecting your lenses from knocks and drops. The PolarPro Defender will help provide protection for your precious lenses in a whole new way thanks to its innovative design that is compatible with majority of entry-, mid- and pro-level lenses available on the market.

This is made possible courtesy of a unique two-piece structure that will help keep the Defender apart from other kinds of traditional lens caps or covers. Specially designed to provide total protection for the lens by fully enveloping the front of the glass element of any lens with soft sidewalls, there is also a stiff plate that helps offer additional reinforcement on the front. This will ensure that the Defender keeps out all unwanted elements. In addition, the sidewalls are able to remain on the lens thanks to its composition that carries just the right amount of tack, making you not miss the days when you had to continue to look for your lens covers.

Protection by the Defender will cover dirt, moisture and minor collisions for your lens, letting you tote your precious collection during transit with added peace of mind. There are five available sizes to choose from which should be able to provide an option for majority of the photographers out there. The size offerings are mainly based off of a lens’ filter thread size, and they comprise of 55mm-62mm, 67mm-72mm, 77mm-82mm, 95mm and 114mm. Considering how the Defender is sized to the filter ring of a lens, it will be able to accommodate an installed filter so that there is no need to apply and remove the filter from lenses during your shooting sessions.