Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera

“Shake it like a Polaroid picture” has proved to be one of the more enduring lines from OutKast’s early hit, “Hey Ya!, and as we all know, the name Polaroid is synonymous with instant photographs back in the days when items like digital cameras were virtually unheard of. I guess it is only fitting for a legendary company like Polaroid to roll out the Z340 instant digital camera, bringing a modern take to an old school product, how cool is that?
The Polaroid Z340 is said to boast of a full-function 14-megapixel digital camera as well as a built-in ZINK printer, delivering a whole new twist on the instant experience. This camera enables you to customize each individual photo between the snap and share process, turning it into a portable digital photo booth, now how about that? You will be able to deliver such images from a file to print in under a minute. Something tells me that the Polaroid Z340 is going to be very, very popular at weddings in the near future assuming the price is right.

The Polaroid Z340 might forge a totally modern frontier, but that does not mean it has forgotten about its humble beginnings – and it starts by paying homage to its analog predecessors, while boasting an advanced, easy-to-use digital feature set. Specifically designed for portability, the Z340 will see a 14-megapixel digital camera in action coupled with the aforementioned ZINK-enabled printer that relies on ink-free Zero Ink Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging. All photos that are printed come in a 3″ x 4″ size, and even better is the fact that you can choose from the iconic Polaroid Classic Border Logo or full bleed and contemporary photos that come in a 3″ x 4″ size.
Tipping the scales at just one pound and seven ounce, the included rechargeable lithium-ion battery is capable of printing up to 25 photos and shooting 75 images in the process. You will need to use the 2.7″ LCD display to select just which photos you want to see printed, without the need for an external computer or notebook. Expect the Polaroid Z340 camera to retail for $299.99 a pop.
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