Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera

Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera

Polaroid has just announced their latest instant digital camera, the Polaroid Z2300. Of course, we do know that Polaroid has long been the name in terms of instant photos, and here we are with their latest interpretation of the instant digital camera – which is the Z2300. Just how does the Z2300 work? For starters, it will rely on the tried and tested integrated printer with ZINK Technology, allowing users to instantly capture, edit and take less than 60 seconds to print full color, 2″ by 3” prints. Not only that, it is also a snap for you to upload images to any social media platform with the Z2300, where everything required to do all that has been mentioned has been crammed into a form factor which is extremely compact.

The camera will come in white and black shades, where it is a 10-megapixel shooter that is accompanied by a decent 3” LCD display, which is a snap to frame and review images, while letting you shoot video in just about any setting. You can choose to print your images with the iconic Polaroid Classic Border Logo, or opt to have it go full bleed. The ZINK prints are all smudge-proof, thanks to a water-resistant coating.

Polaroid President Scott W. Hardy, said, “Polaroid invented instant photography, and for the past 75 years the brand has been synonymous with instant gratification, ease-of-use and fun. The Z2300 represents the next step in the evolution of that proud tradition and it was designed to fully integrate the classic Polaroid instant photography experience into today’s digital, social world. Portability, creative expression and the ability to share your most memorable moments in digital or print form all come standard in the Polaroid Z2300 camera’s compact body.”

Polaroid has priced the Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera at $159.99, where you ought to have it accompanied by 50-sheet packs of 2″ x 3” Premium ZINK Paper that goes for $24.99, and those who opt for 30-sheet packs will fork out less at $14.99.

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