The Polaroid Socialmatic – “Instant” Gratification


Ah the memories, our old Polaroid SX-70 camera and the uber-expensive 10 pack of film… mugging it up, and then waving the pic in the air, or rubbing it on your pants thinking that magically would make it develop faster. The Polaroid instant camera is an icon, and one that has taken up where it left off, with this new high-tech development.

Welcome the New Polaroid Socialmatic, a cool concept gadget that has become the real deal. Comprised of a 14 megapixel front facing camera with flash, a 4.3 inch touchscreen LCD display, a Zero Ink printer and GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, this baby’s cool-factor comes in its printing and sharing capabilities.

Check it out… when you take a picture with the back, or front facing camera, you can instantly share it on Facebook, or other social media sites using the built-in software over a Wi-Fi network, but the magic is that, at the same time, you can print out a little photo that will contain a QR code so other Socialmatic users can easily scan it and get a digital copy from Polaroid’s servers, and reprint it for themselves.

The Android based Polaroid Socialmatic looks like a fun, must-have for every teenager, or social media junkie on the planet… but I don’t know the price yet, that will certainly be a determining factor. It will be available early this year, we’ll keep you posted!