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Polaroid Snap Touch is a new generation instant digital camera

polaroid-snap-touchMention the name Polaroid, and most of the time one would think of the good old days of instant photos. Of course, the Polaroids back then tend to fade over the passage of time. The digital world has since more or less done away with the world of film photography, and hence a company like Polaroid needs to move along with the times as well. In fact, they have come up with an instant camera of their own called the Polaroid Snap Touch, and to ensure it remains relevant, it is digital.

The Polaroid Snap Touch is a highly anticipated device that is now available for pre-order for those who are interested. With the Polaroid Snap Touch, one will be able to enjoy the traditional instant photography experience, and it will continue in the tradition of the hugely successful first generation Polaroid Snap.

In order to bring the Polaroid Snap Touch to a whole new level, it will come with a slew of range updated features for an enhanced instant experience. There will now be a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen for framing shots as well as to help you navigate the camera’s menu, and a new and improved 13MP CMOS sensor ensures you can capture higher quality images in addition to 1080p full HD video recording capability. Both photos and videos will be stashed away on a microSD memory card slot which maxes out at 128GB.

The Polaroid Snap Touch will also be integrated with a printer that will rely on the ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. In other words, you can capture and instantly print full-color, 2×3″ photographs, without having to go to a dark room to develop them. Perfect for today’s selfie shooters courtesy of a self-timer and the addition of a fun selfie mirror, you should be able to take full advantage of the Polaroid Snap Touch always. Three color modes: black and white, color, and vintage sepia, alongside the option to print with or without the iconic Polaroid Classic Border Logo makes the $179.99 Polaroid Snap Touch an instant classic in our books.

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