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Polaroid Snap instant digital camera delivers on-the-spot memories

polaroid-snapWhen we talk about Polaroids, most of us would have the image of an instant camera in our minds. After all, that was what we grew up with – an instant camera which is spat out after each press of the shutter button, where we will have to wave the print around and wait for a few minutes to see the photo come to life. Of course, there is also the “cheating” bit whenever one makes use of the hair dryer. Well, things will obviously need to change with the times, and this is where Polaroid has decided to come up with the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera. With this particular shooter, it will be able to recreate the magic of classic instant photography in a modern manner.

Not only that, the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera will fit into your shirt pocket easily, doing so without having to break the bank in the process. The Polaroid Snap camera’s minimalist design will boast of an updated look which will incorporate design elements of legacy Polaroid instant cameras, including the iconic Polaroid Color Spectrum.

Underneath the hood, the Polaroid Snap happens to be a 10MP digital instant camera that will feature an integrated printer that makes use of ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. This means users can instantly print out full color, 2” x 3” prints automatically each time an image is captured. Since it prints out pretty quickly, your creativity will not be hampered at all as you can continue to shoot new images even while the Polaroid Snap is printing. Not only that, a microSD memory card slot which can hold up to 32GB of memory can save and easily transfer and upload images to a computer, cloud service or social media platform.

The Polaroid Snap itself will also boast of a photo booth mode, which will enable one to capture half a dozen quick pictures in a matter of ten seconds, where you then have the option of printing with or without the Polaroid Classic Border Logo format. In other words, additional enhancements can be added to the print before you even take a photo.

Do expect the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera to be available in black, white, red and blue some time in Q4 2015 for $99 a pop.

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