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Polaroid Pop instant digital camera merges the old with the new

polaroid-popPolaroid is a name that is often synonymous with instant photos, and the company has managed to make a relatively successful transition to the digital era. Of course, no one would think of a Polaroid when it comes to purchasing a professional digital camera, but an instant digital camera? Polaroid has gotten that down to an art. The Polaroid Snap Touch is a good example last year, but this year would see yet another model released — the Polaroid Pop instant digital camera.

The Polaroid Pop instant digital camera delivers a modern take on the classic Polaroid instant print camera, bringing with it the wonders of an instant print format in 3” x 4”, while merging it with a sleek, modern design. Since 2017 is the 80th anniversary of Polaroid, it is a milestone for the company to introduce yet another easy-to-use camera that also keeps up with the rest of the times in terms of hardware and technology.

The Polaroid Pop will make use of ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology, allowing users to be able to automatically print full color photos in the iconic 3” x 4″ format alongside the Polaroid Classic Border Logo. In other words, the final result would be a 3.5” x 4.25″ print, delivering a traditional digital camera experience. It sports a 3.97” touchscreen LCD that helps you to frame shots, and going through the camera’s menu is also a snap.

The Polaroid Pop comes with a 20MP CMOS sensor alongside dual LED flash, ensuring that all shots are of high quality, while image stabilization would translate to a far lower number of shaky images. Oh yes, did we forget — the Polaroid Pop has a Full HD video recording option, and all images and videos are stashed on a microSD memory card — with a maximum storage space of up to 128GB.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity enables the Polaroid Pop to hook up to a mobile device easily, turning the camera into an instant photo printer too. A trio of color modes are available: black and white, color, and vintage sepia.

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