Polar Seal smart clothing heats up via a button

polar-sealIf there is one thing that some people do not like about the winter season, it would be the way the mercury plunges to sub-zero temperatures. After all, being cold is no fun at all, especially when you take into consideration the chattering teeth and clanging knees. Well, Polar Seal is a brand new idea that brings the “smart” into clothing, providing instant heat at the touch of a mere button.

Just how does Polar Seal work? For starters, it will feature a base layer zip top that will deliver heat on demand simply by pressing a button. Specially designed and tested to function even in alpine conditions as well as in the great outdoors, this particular garment can be comfortably worn under a jacket or layered on top of a T-shirt. In other words, it is the perfect fit when it comes to casual wear as well as in sports. It does not matter which particular gender you are, the Polar Seal will arrive in both men and women’s cuts that have been specially tailored to fit comfortably close to the body in order to ensure efficient transmission of heat.

Featuring shock and waterproof LED-lit control buttons that are located at the wrist, users can easily adjust between two heating zones and three temperature levels. The top will deliver heat in less than 10 seconds, and it plays nice with any USB power bank that has an output of 5V 2A, with a capacity ranging from 5,000mAh to 10 to 12,000mAh. Apart from that, the buttons are responsive enough to work with gloves, so you do not have to expose your fingers to the bitter cold whenever you want to activate Polar Seal.

It is currently available pre-order from an asking price of US$179, and in terms of maintenance, it is a snap since this garment is easily washable by hand at 40~60°C.

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