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Polar M600 sports watch runs on Android Wear

polar-m600If you are really, really serious about keeping track of your fitness performance over time, then surely you would have had some contact with Polar’s range of watches. These are timepieces that do not only keep track of time, they will also come with GPS capability as well as help you in your long term fitness training, such as the Polar M400. This time round, however, we have Polar announce the Polar M600, which comes across as a waterproof sports watch that will run on Android Wear. It has been specially built on Google’s Android Wear smartwatch platform, where it boasts of Polar’s proprietary optical heart rate technology while offering wrist-based heart rate measurement through its 6-LED solution, making use of an algorithm that has been designed and tested for maximum reliability.

Not only that, the Polar M600 will also deliver integrated GPS, 24/7 activity tracking and Polar Smart Coaching features through the Polar App for Android Wear, now how about that when it comes to unprecedented versatility?

The Polar M600 has been specially designed for active training apart from making you look good and stylish whenever you go out, which is what the connected lifestyle is all about these days. To make sure that the Polar M600 lives up to its reputation, it will feature waterproof capability so that you cannot use a slight drizzle as an excuse not to run, while delivering high quality and sleek design via a 1.3-inch color touch display, a dedicated front button for quick and easy training control, and a battery life that should be able to last for more than 48 hours when it is hooked up to Android devices.

To make it all the more comfortable, it has a soft, silicone wristband that will arrive in either black or white shades, while those with a little bit more patience can enjoy the new red band that is set to arrive later in the year.

Smart Coaching features will keep the Polar M600 company, including the likes of Activity Guide, not to mention other Android Wear capabilities. It has 4GB of of internal storage, allowing customers to sync their music through Google Play and listen to it also without their smartphone. You can pick up the Polar M600 timepiece for $329.90 a pop or €349.90 if you live across the pond.

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