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Polar M400 GPS training watch revealed

polar-m400Activity trackers as well as GPS enabled timepieces are extremely niche market products, and Polar is a company that has just rolled out their Polar M400 GPS training watch that comes with the ability to track your activity all round the clock. Wha makes the Polar M400 so special for runners (or basically anyone who is willing to get engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle) would be the fact that it has a slew of products and apps which will ultimately help one to understand one’s body, letting you get fitter – in a faster time period too, of course.

The Polar M400 is water-resistant and will merge the best of GPS and 24/7 activity tracking with advanced sports technology to make use of Bluetooth Smart. It will arrive in white and black colors, where the Polar M400 is capable of adding a new style to any outfit. You will be able to keep track of important training metrics such as speed, pace, distance and altitude thanks to the built-in GPS, so that you will be able to know that your effort is always at the right intensity (when used alongside a Polar H7 heart rate sensor, of course). Sporting a built-in activity tracker that will be able to provide you with a more complete picture of all daily activities, ranging from your steps to the number of calories burned and how restfully you slept.

Not only that, you will also be on the receiving end of alerts for inactivity directly on your wrist as well as through the Polar Flow app, where you will be given suggestions on how to achieve your personalized activity goals. Some of these suggestions might sound daunting to some, since it includes jogging for 50 minutes or walking for two hours. Of course, it is perfectly normal to many, but for those who have been couch potatoes all their lives, it can be quite a challenge. The $199.95 Polar M400 has a 9 hour battery life even with its GPS and sensors up and running, and up to 24 days if you use it just to keep the time.

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