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Polar M200 GPS running watch looks way too cool

polar-m200When it comes to wearable sports and fitness technology, there is one particular name that has etched itself into the back of our minds: Polar. Polar has come up with its fair share of GPS training watches in the past, and here we are with another potential winner — the Polar M200 GPS running watch.

The Polar M200 GPS running watch is a device that is waterproof, making sure you would not have a single excuse not to suit up and head for your daily run even when it starts to pour on the outside. Equipped with Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate technology, the Polar M200 will come with 24/7 activity and sleep tracking as well as stylish interchangeable color wristbands. Those who are interested can pick it up for $149 a pop or €149 across the pond, making it a highly affordable device when it comes to providing reliable training metrics as well as live, personalized training guidance.

It does not matter which particular level your running is at — the Polar M200 will still be able to offer key metrics such as pace and distance thanks to its integrated GPS capability. Not only that, it will also boast of Polar’s optical heart rate measurement, which is a unique algorithm that has been specially developed and optimized by Polar that can meet their industry-leading heart rate standards. When the Polar M200 GPS is fully juiced up, you get up to half a dozen hours of training time with GPS and optical heart rate.

Not only that, it will also be able to track your daily activity such as steps, burned calories, sleep time and sleep quality. A built in vibration function will inform users of incoming calls, messages, calendar alerts and social media notifications, while sending you reminders if you remain inactive for too long a period of time. Arriving with a choice of small/medium and medium/large changeable wristbands for the perfect fit, you can pick from red and black colors while other changeable wristband colors will be sold separately.

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