Polar Loop activity tracker turns on the style

polarPolar has just announced their latest activity tracker that comes in a stylish form factor, where it is known as the Polar Loop. I guess you can call the Polar Loop to be a sort of “smart bracelet”, where it is capable of keeping track of your daily activity and exercise levels, all the while monitoring sleep patterns, so that you will be able to receive instant motivational feedback, all the while receiving the relevant alerts so that you can achieve your personalized daily activity goals. The Polar Loop was built with over 35 years of experience as the worldwide leader in heart rate and fitness assessment technology, delivering new levels of precision and unmatched expertise to the activity tracker market.

When the Polar Loop works in tandem with Polar Flow, a free online tracking service and app for the iPhone which is capable of synchronizing automatically using Bluetooth Smart, the Polar Loop will then deliver smart guidance on just how is able to improve health and wellbeing through making tiny changes in one’s daily activity. The Polar Loop is meant to be worn round the clock, being waterproof to ensure that it can keep up with your demanding lifestyle, while capturing all movement and exercise with the ability to tell the difference between different levels of activity.

Herb Baer, Polar USA president, said, “Polar is a trusted training partner for everyone from elite athletes to those looking to lose weight. Polar Loop brings our expertise and insights beyond time spent exercising, providing a complete and accurate picture of all daily activity and underlining the importance of every movement made throughout the day—from running, cycling and weight training to cooking, taking the stairs and walking the dog.”

Pressing a button would see the Polar Loop display show off a bunch of information concerning your user activity goal as well as how much more you need to do to achieve it, in addition to other nuggets like number of calories burned, steps taken and the time of day. The Polar Loop will retail for $109.95 a pop later this October in black, while there is a pink version that will feature white LEDs that is tipped to arrive next year.

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