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Polar Loop 2 lets you work out in style

polar-loop2It goes without saying that we would like to remain fit and mobile for as long as we live, and a whole lot of our future bearings do lie in our decisions today – the kind of food which we partake in, as well as making sure that we get an adequate amount of exercise, and then some. In the past, most of us just keep track of the distance (if we run, cycle, jog, swim or walk) that we have covered and the amount of time taken to do so – there were no fancy gadgets back then. Fast forward to today, and we have stuff like the Polar Loop – and now, its sequel, the Polar Loop 2 activity tracker.

The Polar Loop 2 was specially designed to be worn all the time, where it will then get to work by keeping track of your daily activity, workouts and sleep. Not only that, it will also gently vibrate in order to remind the user to move about should they have been sitting for far too long. Being one of the latest activity tracker from Polar, it will also display and vibrate for incoming calls, messages, and calendar alerts. Users are also able to pair the Loop 2 with the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor for live, accurate heart rate.

Hopefully the band itself is made out of a non-reactive material that will not cause some people to be allergic to it, as we have read of such reports in the past where other wearable technology used material that made select folks get a serious case of rashes. The Loop 2 will be able to detect daily activity, where it then separates it into five intensity levels: resting, sitting, low, medium and high.

It can also measure the likes of steps, distance, calories and sleep with highly accurate and individualized algorithms that were based on thorough research conducted by Polar. Users will first need to enter information such as age, gender and weight and choice of activity level in the Polar Flow service before getting started, only then will they be presented with an individual daily activity goal ensuring the most accurate activity tracking.

It will cost $119.95 a pop in Powder White and Sorbet Pink shades, while those who want the Smoky Black color will have to wait until September.

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