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Polar H10 heart rate sensor is now available

polar-h10If you are a fitness buff who would like to keep track of your exercise regime while making sure that everything is on track to meet your performance standards, then you would probably eat the right stuff that suits the path to your fitness goals. Some of us might even enlist the assistance of hardware and apps to aid us along. After all, if something can be measured, it can be improved, right? The Polar H10 is one such device, being a newly available heart rate sensor that is also touted to be the most accurate of its kind in the world today.

With the Polar H10, it will utilize the company’s advanced heart rate algorithm that has been specially designed to develop the new standard for heart rate technology. The team behind this Polar H10 has also come up with a new look for the chest strap that enables it to carry additional interference-preventing electrodes. This makes sure that the heart rate will be captured with the utmost accuracy, while there is the presence of silicone friction dots which will allow the strap to remain in place no matter how sweaty things get.

Using the Polar H10, users are able to accurately monitor their heart rate which enables them to optimize training, monitor health and achieve their personal goals. One can also opt to make use of the Polar Beat, which is Polar’s free fitness & training app, letting users access real-time heart rate data as well as training guidance on their smartphone (or in rarer cases, tablet). Feel free to train without a phone – the Polar H10 also boasts of internal memory that stashes away a single training session thanks to the built-in memory. This lets users sync sessions later, and with the Polar H10 playing nice with a slew of iOS and Android devices, leading fitness apps, compatible gym equipment, and a range of other Bluetooth devices, it is certainly something that every fitness buff should own in their arsenal.

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