Polar Club targets club owners and instructors

Polar-ClubWhen it comes to wearable devices as well as fitness gadgets, you can be pretty sure that one particular name tends to stand out from the rest of the crowd, and that would be none other than Polar. Polar happens to have come up with a brand new idea known as Polar Club. Polar Club is a special cloud-based training system that club owners as well as fitness instructors are able to take advantage of in group exercise classes. It will require the use of a Polar H7 heart rate sensor, an iPad, and the Polar Club app and web service in order to get going. Once all of those elements happen to be in place, then health clubs will be able to offer real-time guidance during classes as well as manage, track and analyze the quality and quantity of group exercise classes.

Marco Suvilaakso, Group Product Director at Polar, shared, “Polar Club provides clubs with a unique personal touch to the member experience. We’ve built Club to support an in-club experience as well as an online community where instructors and club members can share trainings, post and comment and share announcements. The system is not only an effective community-building, class management and reporting tool, but also it provides a way for instructors to make real-time adjustments to help their clients meet fitness goals.”

Instructors who make use of the Polar Club app during classes can then check out the live heart rate data from participants as well as offer real-time feedback and guidance during workouts. There will be live animated group and individual rewards that will ensure the group remains motivated, and to remain on track to reach their targeted heart rate zones. The app itself will also enable instructors to view scheduled classes, sign up club members, create new classes and view data from recent sessions. So far, over 1,000 registered clubs in over 30 countries are already making use of Polar Club.

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