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Polar A370 fitness tracker aids in your fitness and sleep as well

polar-a370Polar, a leading company when it comes to wearable sports and fitness technology for more than four decades, has just announced the brand new Polar A370, which is a fitness tracker that comes complete with Polar 24/7 continuous wrist-based heart rate and advanced Polar Sleep Plus analytics. In other words, this is a fitness tracker that is quite unlike any other as it merges daily activity goal alongside Polar Sleep Plus. This would enable the Polar A370 to deliver a complete picture of the user’s fitness, which will be based on the intersection of activity, rest and recovery.

Of course, what is the whole point of having something that is nice to look at when it does not look good at all? With the Polar A370’s sophisticated and premium design, it will not only be waterproof in nature, but it also has a vibrant glass lens color touch display as well as vibrating notifications. This is certainly above and beyond what a regular fitness tracker comes with. Not only that, it increases the level of personalization since it sports lightweight, interchangeable band colors so that users will be able to customize the A370 according to their style preference.

Interested parties in the Polar A370 can place a pre-order for it for $179 or €199 apiece, depending on the region, and shipping is set to begin this June. With its ability to offer continuous wrist-based heart rate that automatically measures one’s heart rate during rest and physical activity, it is also smart enough to figure out the time when users move their wrists in times of higher activity levels. At higher intensities, it will be triggered by a 3D accelerometer. All of the collected data will be used to provide immediate guidance toward reaching activity goals, while you will also benefit from a more detailed daily overview and insightful fitness guidance that can be found via the Polar Flow App.

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