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Polar A360 monitors your heart rate in style

polar-a360There has been some rather interesting heart rate monitors that we have seen in the past, where one of them would be the Swimmer’s Talking Heart Rate Monitor. Now that was certainly unique in all capability and sense, and this time around, we have something that is more “normal” in a sense, although it is still captivating enough to have if you happen to be a fitness enthusiast or a sports buff who would want nothing better than to keep track – accurately, too, of your workout in this aspect. Enter the Polar A360 that intends to monitor your heart rate in style.

What is so different about the colorful Polar A360? For starters, it will boast of wrist-based heart rate monitoring, where the Polar A360 comes with industry-leading heart rate measurement-based training guidance, apart from offering the likes of 24/7 activity tracking. All of such vital information will be shown on a high-resolution color touchscreen display, where the Polar A360 also happens to be waterproof and will be able to keep track of one’s daily activity, steps, calories, workouts, and sleep.

Specially designed to encompass a 360-degree lifestyle as well as encourage one to move around a whole lot more often than normal, the Polar A360 will vibrate to inform users of incoming calls, messages, calendar alerts, and social media notifications. This vibration feature is also handy when it comes to offering gentle reminders as to when one has been idle for far too long, which means it is about time you got up and walked around.

You should not find any problem to have the Polar A360 fit into your wardrobe, since it comes in small, medium, and large sizes. You can also match your personal style with interchangeable and vibrantly colored, soft silicone wristbands, where they will arrive in Powder White, Charcoal Black, Neon Green, Sorbet Pink and Navy Blue shades. With a full charge, the Polar A360 can track for a fortnight with 24/7 activity tracking, and this will include one hour of training per day. Expect the Polar A360 to arrive next month for $199.95 a pop.

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