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Polar A300 helps detail your fitness regime

polar-a300When it comes to fitness devices, especially wearable bands and the ilk, you know for sure that a name like Polar is extremely well known. After all, they have come up with their fair share of fitness bracelets in the past, where among them include the Polar Loop activity tracker. Well, this time around, there is the Polar A300 which will herald a new era of fitness monitors. Apart from the inclusion of Polar’s familiar Smart Coaching features that are based on heart rate, the A300 will also see it deliver 24/7 activity tracking.

Of course, it does not need to be said that the Polar A300 has been specially designed for fitness enthusiasts right from the get go, allowing you to look rather cool in your exercise get up without the connotations of being a geek. Yes sir, this is how far design has come in the world of fitness gadgets, and the Polar A300 would not only make you look good, but to feel great as well. Being comfortable, lightweight and sporting a seamless design, it will arrive in half a dozen colors to be able to suit just about every preference out there.

Not only that, Polar ensures that the Polar A300 is capable of fitting into every style and occasion, hence allowing the user to swap the silicon wristband in a jiffy. Additional wristbands can be purchased separately in order to expand your fashion range. Being waterproof, the Polar A300 would let the wearer be able to keep track of their activity round the clock, for up to four weeks before a recharge is required.

Of course, when you use it alongside the accurate Polar H7 heart rate sensor, the A300 would be able to provide additional insight to heart rate based training. The Polar A300 would arrive in the US and in Finland from next month onward, retailing for $159.99 a pop, and if you would like the Polar H7 heart rate sensor to be bundled, it would cost you $209.99 in total.

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