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Polanter Vertical Pole Planter helps those who weren’t born with a green thumb

Polanter Vertical Pole Planter
Growing any sort of edible plant feels very rewarding. You care for it, watch it grow, and even after taking some of the fruits of your labor, you can continue to see it thrive until the weather changes. Of course, caring for any greenery, such as herbs, you want to provide them with the proper soil, amount of water, and sunlight. Without these things, you’re likely going to be staring at a brown dried-up wisp more than anything.

If you’re a little short on space, but still want to grow things that can be made into food, you might enjoy the Polanter Vertical Pole Planter. This carries a cylindrical shape, and has 12 perforated half inch holes which all sorts of plant life can grow out of. It’s made of polypropylene, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on what your space allows.  This is 21 inches tall and 5” in diameter.

In the bottom of this planter, there is a reservoir which you can attach a hose to that can hold a nondescript amount of water. This means you won’t have to water every day or other day. This will cost you $35 should you be interested in livening up your home with a little greenery. Of course, we’re still on the tail end of the cold months, so this is more wishful thinking than anything at the moment, but it’s always good to think ahead!

Available for purchase on williams-sonoma, found via thegreenhead

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