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The Pokapoka Foot Bath – don’t let stress get the better of you

Pokapoka Foot Bath

When you have a job where you’re on your feet all day, your legs are not going to feel too good. Your circulation after work is not great, you’re stressed out, and all you want to do is be a lump on the couch. While that is probably in your better interests for an hour or two, you should use the time wisely to give your body the same kind of de-stressor your mind gets.

You probably don’t have an in-home sauna with a built-in television or a personal masseuse, but you could have this Pokapoka Foot Bath. This isn’t a bath that uses water to make your feet clean, mind you. It’s a dry sauna which uses electro-thermosensitive infrared film to heat your feet. It’s made of Agathis wood which is rot-resistant, allowing it to fight most things your feet could bring in, and is quite durable. Of course, it’s probably smart to wash your tootsies before sticking them in this thing.

This will take up approximately 17.7 x 13.6 x 16.7” of space in your home. It plugs into a regular outlet with a 10.8′ power cable, meaning it can go anywhere in the living room you might need it to be. There are two dials, one controlling the timer which can go up to 60 minutes, and the other to change the temperature. You can use this sitting on the couch or laying down since you won’t have to worry about any water sloshing out! This $372 bath is pricey, but will make the end of a long day much more tolerable.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop