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Pointillist Artist’s Electronic Pen brings art to a new level

pointilist-artistNot all pens are created equal — as you can see with this $69.96 Pointillist Artist’s Electronic Pen. Truly more than just a writing instrument, this is a gel pen which generates 600 ink dots per minute which will be able to do its bit to upgrade one’s pointillist expressions. Being very different from a traditional ink pen which requires artists and comic book pointillists such as George Seurat to manually tap one dot at a time, this is one model that sports a button located near the back which will trigger the ink tip to pulse up and down like a miniature jackhammer.

Thanks to its reciprocating electric action, it will allow an artist to stipple ten times faster, further reducing wrist fatigue which is commonly associated with standard pen stippling. Each purchase comes with a storage case and five black waterproof gel refills, while a 20-minute charge will make use of the included USB cable that provides the pen with 30 minutes of juice. It will come with magnets within, and is not meant for those who use pacemakers. Definitely another arsenal in the tool of digital artists apart from the Wacom Intuos tablets.