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PogoCam is the smallest attachable camera in the world

pogocamWhen it comes to wearable cameras, there are quite a fair number of models that are available in the market, but this does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Far from it. Here we are with the PogoCam, which is touted to be the smallest attachable camera of its kind in the world. What makes the PogoCam unique is this is one camera that will be able to redefine personal photography as it merges fashionable eyewear with a camera, now how about that?

Thanks to the folks over at PogoTec, the PogoCam is now ready to rock and roll. You might think that this is in some way similar to that of the Snap Spectacles which will see a camera integrated into some sort of eyewear, but the PogoCam actually differs by virtue of it being easily attachable and detachable, as it can cater to a wide range of frame styles. Heck, this means that even if you do not have to wear a pair of prescription glasses to adjust your eyesight, you can still wear a dummy frame in order to have the PogoCam hooked up for that added touch of tech.

When hooked up to your pair of eyeglasses, in will weigh less than a couple of dimes. The PogoCam makes use of a proprietary new electronic architecture which will enable the highest level of miniaturization while minimizing power requirements, and for a typical user, he or she can “look and shoot” up to 100 photographs or record two minutes of continuous HD video with audio (or 12 ten second clips). Fret not, it will show off a visible courtesy light which blinks so that those around you know that they are being photographed. It even comes with its very own app that will let you focus on your subject as you move around, now how about that?

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