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Pogo Sketch Plus from Ten One Design

Ten One Design indulged in a makeover job for its Pogo Sketch, and the final result is the aptly named Pogo Sketch Plus. At least there is no number behind the name to denote a sequel, where a Plus sounds so much more elegant. The Pogo Sketch Plus will feature patent pending Pro Tip technology that delivers greater sensitivity and precision when typing, navigating and drawing on touch screens. As for those out there who are already Pogo Sketch owners, fret not – you can upgrade to Pogo Sketch Plus at a 50% discount as long as you email a personal photo of your existing Pogo Sketch to
With so many of us owning devices that have a touchscreen display these days, owning a stylus of repute might be the next big thing. This sleek capacitive touchscreen stylus’ new patent pending Pro Tip technology comprises of patterned structures within the tip itself, hence resulting in greater sensitivity while providing an even smaller tip diameter for superior precision. Not only that, Ten One Design has improved on the portability aspect by throwing in a useful pocket clip to secure in place for on-the-go travel. You can pick up the Pogo Sketch Plus in Burnt Orange, Cactus, Hot Pink and Silver for $14.95 a pop.
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