Podtime Sleeping Pods

They say that getting the adequate amount of sleep is highly important for everyone regardless of age, and I do agree whole-heartedly with that observation. After all, my performance at work tends to drop if I do not have a good night’s sleep before, so what are some of the options to clock in uninterrupted shuteye? Well, apart from the right temperature and bedding comforts, not to mention quiet surroundings, how about this unique device known as the Podtime Sleeping Pod? It will not come cheap that is for sure at £1,375 a pop, but it offers you a chance to catch a quick snooze in order to recharge your batteries.
It has been touted to be a practically indestructible polycarbonate tube, sporting heavy-duty frosted doors, a luxurious fitted mattress and outstanding air circulation so that you are able to relax in comfort and privacy. Being flat packed to follow Ikea’s footsteps, it is a snap to transport or stash it away somewhere, letting you set up your bedroom wherever you fancy. It does not seem to cater for two in the Podtime Sleeping Pod itself, so forget about getting the horizontal tango on.