Podolock – A Case and Lock for your iPod Shuffle

PodoLock 1 beltshff2-1.jpg

iPods are pretty desirable gadgets which has unfortunately led to the odd iPod theft. Out of all the available iPods the shuffle is probably one of the easiest to nick, it’s small form factor and the fact it is often clipped on your clothes in plain view makes it a likely target to any old scum bag. This next gadget, the Podolock, aims to make your Shuffle a lot less nick-able.

The Podolock is an acrylic case that you slide your Shuffle into. This can then be attached to your clothing or other objects via the supplied high strength cable. This certainly looks more secure than having your Shuffle clipped on to your pants, but attaching it to a belt loop is probably not the securest of places. Nice idea though.

More information and availability over at Podolock.