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These POD Tents will let you make an empire in the forest

POD Tents

When you’re camping, you just want a basic housing structure that you can reside in for times when you want to be shielded from the sun while taking a nap, free from most bugs, or sleep at night. Since we don’t want to build things out of sticks and leaves, we rely on tents. They aren’t great long-term, but do alright for a weekend in the wilds. Of course, if you often camp with a larger group, having privacy is great, but it’s annoying to separate everyone.

If you don’t mind being close and cozy with your camping buddies, this POD Tent will connect you like never before. It is a large tent, but the interesting bit is that it has attachable tunnels, and a mini model of itself so you can create a tent version of a castle. The larger PODs are around 16 feet in diameter, and almost 9 feet tall. It can sleep up to 8 people, and has only 8 poles, which means 2 people can easily set it up in 10-15 minutes.

If space for 8 people isn’t enough room for you, then you can always add on a mini POD and a tunnel so you don’t have to be completely separated. The mini pods fit four people, but who would want twice the space for $550+ when you could get the $444+ option that has you all cramped together? Getting one tunnel will cost you around $99, and for those that all but live in their tents, there are sleeper cells that you can tack on for another $99. This is nice enough that it might make you consider creating your very own kingdom in the wilderness…if you can stand the bugs and survival planning you would need to do.

Available for purchase on podtents