PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool

You know what they say – practice makes perfect. If you so happen to think that you are always on the verge of breaking out as a band, but somehow or rather lack that X factor, perhaps more practice is in order. Of course, sheer amounts of practice alone is no guarantee that your skills would be able to elevate you to a guitar god, as you will still need adequate opportunities to showcase your songwriting skills and all to make it as a musician. Well, if you are just starting out as a guitar player, perhaps you might want to use the $29.99 PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool as a training tool instead of a real guitar, as the highly portable nature of this device allows you to get your practice in just about anywhere without bothering others.

It will be accompanied by real guitar strings as well as frets in order to deliver a realistic practice session, the only thing is, you will not have the rest of the guitar with it. The PocketStrings Portable Guitar Practice Tool is diminutive enough to stow in your gig bag or pocket without weighing you down when you travel. Sliding it open will expose a section of a guitar neck with real frets and strings, and once you’re done, just slide it close and you’re well on your way.