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Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery provides a much needed lifeline

pocket-sized-iphone-batteryIn this day and age, where we are all so connected, it goes without saying that having enough battery life on your device is essential – especially when you happen to be a high powered executive, and folks do need to reach you at all times. While the iPhone is a great smartphone to be one of the most recognizable and popular handsets worldwide, it does not really have a stellar battery life, which means you might want to make provisions to ensure that your handset would be able to last through the day – even when it needs to go on for longer than normal. Let the $59.95 Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery save the day then.

As its name suggests, the Pocket Sized iPhone Backup Battery happens to be a highly portable iPhone backup battery which shares the same dimensions as that of a matchbook, and it is full well capable of delivering supplemental power as and when required. This cordless device will be able to be stashed away comfortably in a pocket, and can be retrieved at a moment’s notice. The amount of juice within can increase an iPhone charge by 30%, which should be more than adequate for those emergency situations where you need to just one more phone call, as we are looking at up to 3 hours of additional talk time or 70 hours of standby time. The 800 mAH battery can be recharged in 90 minutes thanks to the included USB cable.