Pocket-sized barbeque grill.

Now that the clocks have sprung forward and the weather’s warming a little, it might be time to start preparing for those summer barbeques we all love so much. I’m sorry to all those vegetarians out here, but I can’t wait to taste those barbeque-grilled steaks and flame-cooked chicken wings!

Anyway, the coolest gadgets team have got together to come up with a few ideas to help you start preparing for those long summer evenings and finally chase away those winter blues.

Everyone loves a barbeque party in the summertime. The problem with regular barbeque grills is that they’re just too bulky and messy to take in the car, never mind a rucksack if you’re backpacking. So here’s a great idea from iwantoneofthose;

it’s a barbeque grill that rolls up into a pocket-sized roll that’s just 29 x 2 cm.

Firstly, I’m not sure how it supports the weight of anything you want to cook. Also, I’m not sure how much weight you can put on the thing before it collapses in on itself, but it looks stable enough in the photo; so I’m convinced!

Another gadget that barbeque fans might find handy is this fork with a built-in thermometer. I’m sure you know the story; you start the barbeque party too late, and have already opened the tins of beer too early. As the sun sets, and judgement begins to fail, you might later regret eating those chicken thighs that were burnt on the outside and red raw in the middle.

With the fork with a built in thermometer, all the guesswork goes out of waiting. Of course it comes with a lighted LED display.

Have a good summer – we will!

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