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The Pocket Shot Slingshot is just asking for trouble

pocket-shot slingshot

There are those who like to play pranks that involve messing with the minds of others. Painting a bar of soap with clear nail polish, replacing mouthwash with Gatorade, or moving things around the house to confuse someone are all excellent examples of such trickery. However, some people really enjoy a more physical approach, involving projectiles, or things that could probably end up with an injury.

If you are a havoc-bringer who fits the latter description, then you likely want more weapons in your arsenal to choose from. While this is certainly meant for those that have the best intentions in mind, the Pocket Shot Slingshot is likely going to end up in the wrong hands from time to time. This old-fashioned weapon made modern will let you launch slugs, Airsoft BBs, and paintballs from a latex pouch that is held in place by a fiber-reinforced composite ring.

This can shoot up to 350 feet a second, and comes with a standard and pro pouch, which I’m assuming means one is for tricks and the other is for hunting. This only costs $27.99, and paying an extra $2.99 will give you an extra 100 rounds of ammunition. This brightly colored orange ring with black latex is described as “not a toy”, but if you live outside of city limits, it is most definitely bound to be one. While you do want to make sure you’re not aiming at people, be wary of giving this to children who forget that you can maim others through “just messing around”.

Available for purchase on Vat19

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