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The Pocket Reflector – for a professional-looking selfie

The Pocket Light Reflector

When we take a picture of ourselves with our phones, we choose the best angle of our face that captures the light correctly. While our phones do have some photo editing capabilities, it would be nice if you could add in some of those professional touches to really give your pictures that pop you see in magazines and on TV. Of course, all of those are shot with a professional crew directing the light so that it falls exactly where they want it.

While you can’t hire a slew of people to help you take selfies whenever you feel like it, you can have some of your own fancy equipment to make your pictures better. This Pocket Reflector will boost the highlights and get rid of shadows, so long as you know what you’re doing of course. There is a silver side that bounces a concentrated light onto the subject of your photo, and a white one which  will provide a soft natural glow.

This reflector measures 12” in diameter, but can fold down to 5” to be stored in a carrying case for easy transportation. This is only going to cost you $15, but will definitely improve the quality of any photo you take on your phone whether it be for Instagram or your personal collection of pictures of your face. Of course, there are much larger versions of this if you’re into photography, but that sort of equipment is likely not going to be used for everyday phone pictures.

Available for purchase on Photojojo

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