Pocket projectors come for iPod


Pocket projectors are all the rage now, the ability to use a projector the size of an iPod to display information on a wall is a godsend for the business set, who look to expand the ability to make presentations without having to travel with expensive projectors or having to customize their presentations to what equipment is available. But while getting more popular, projectors like the PICO and the Mili Pro – which can connect to an iPhone or iPod Touch – are still in their infancy.

At it’s current state of technology, the MiLi Pro can project a 640×480 resolution image up to about 30 inches away before the lumens simply dissipate from distance. So, while it won’t project in very large meeting places, it can work for small, intimate gatherings where the presentation can be seen on a 40″ screen area.


The Pro, which has a dock for the iPod Touch/iPhone also comes with VGA and RCA connectors which enable it to work with larger LCD screens directly. And it’s own adjustable stand makes for easy tweaking to get the image just right on screen. Charges in about three hours and comes with integrated speakers as well.

But don’t forget you’re only talking about a resolution just about VHS quality, so don’t expect to be watching HD video with it.

Hat Tip – The Giz

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