Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 – Wanna watch a Movie?

I like to share pics and video that I carry around on my iPhone, obviously that’s one of the main reasons I even own an iPhone in the first place, but I have to tell you, its hard to get the full effect of some of those special moments on my phones touch screen, no matter how vibrant and amazing the screen may be, its still pretty darn small.

Welcome the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4, a nifty little, easy to use dock station and projector that can take your movies, videos or presentations and project them anywhere. Poolside movie shown on the side of your house? No problem. Camp-out under the stars while you watch the latest hack and slash film on a sheet hung in the trees? Absolutely! The device charges via USB and can also be used as a back up battery for your phone. 

The Pocket Projector has a surprisingly bright 15-lumen LED projector lamp that delivers clear, brilliant images and a 640×360 native display resolution that can project up to 50″ images. The unit also includes a focus adjustment that lets you control sharpness and clarity while an integrated .5 watt speaker delivers the audio, albeit maybe not loud enough for some, but I have a wireless speaker system so its not a deal-breaker for me. All in all, a pretty good price for what you do get.

So the next time you want to show everyone your vacation movies from the islands, break out your Pocket Projector and let them see your sunburn in life size glory… so much more fun.

The Pocket Projector is available from Brookstone.com for around $229.00

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