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The Pocket Leaf Cup is silly, yet functional

Pocket Leaf Cup

When you need a drink of water at basically any place that’s not your home, chances are it’s coming from a faucet. We can’t really drink clean water from lakes, ponds, and streams, and it’s not that we have time to run out to one anyhow. However, when drinking water in public areas, you don’t want to put your mouth anywhere near a fountain spout, and no one should be drinking directly from a faucet.

If you have a water bottle, but don’t want to seem cheeky filling it up from the massive bottled water fountain at work, getting a little at a time in a paper cup is normally the answer. Of course, we’re trying to save the planet, so we need to stop throwing so many of those things away, and be a tad more mindful about how much water we use. This little Pocket Leaf Cup can act as your personal cup, as you can literally keep it on you at all times, use it over and over again, and don’t have to worry about any germs that don’t belong to you.

Made of spring green silicone, this measures 3.5” long by 4.75″ wide, but doesn’t have a flat base, so you will have to hold on to it at all times. You will have to pinch the sides to hold it open to fill the cup or drink from it. It might also be a bit awkward to drink from and have some pocket lint in it from time to time, but it’s cute, will help you cut down on your paper cup usage, and will make you look very curious to all of your coworkers. Win-win!

Available for purchase from perpetualkid