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The Pocket Grappling Hook isn’t practical for every day use, but looks cool

Grappling Hook
We have a fanciful version of what being a spy is like in our heads. Attending high-class parties, driving awesome cars, being the object of affection to many, and fighting off enemies in style. Having the right equipment for the job is one thing, but actually carrying out that job is another thing entirely. You need to be fit, stealthy, have nerves of steel, and of course, the cool gizmos help (though resourcefulness is likely more useful than a utility belt).

Regardless of that information, we like to have nifty spy gear around in the exceedingly off-chance we can find a use for it. The Pocket Grappling Hook is one such item that won’t fit the use you have for it in your head, but can have real-world use. This was created to snag trip wires from a safe distance, rather than repelling up or down the walls of a secure facility.

Before anyone asks, no, this is not meant to hold you up, and definitely shouldn’t be used for life support functions. The spikes can unscrew and be stowed inside of the water resistant O-ring body. If you need it to be heavier when you throw it, simply fill it with dirt or water and toss away. This will cost you $35, and won’t serve any real purpose other than aesthetics unless you actually find yourself in need of snagging trip wires on the regular.

Available for purchase on countycomm, found via thisiswhyimbroke