Pocket Digital Photo Frame with Mirror

No item is complete without a hidden digital photo frame.  Thankfully Chinavasion knows about this rule and has a compact available with a photo frame hidden within.  Now you can check out your makeup all the while glancing down at the pictures to remind you of how you should look.  You could even add pictures to the photo frame that give you an extra boost of self esteem while you’re primping yourself.

It’s a little strange to keep the frame inside of a compact, but it’ll keep the digital frame safe from any crumbs or dust in the bottom of your purse.  Then if you want to sit the frame out to view the pictures you can just open up the mirror and sit it on your desk.  It includes an analog clock, digital clock, calender and stop watch functions.  You can pick one up for $7.52 through Chinavasion.

Source: ChipChick

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