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This Pocket Saw will let you assault nature at will


Not too many of us are explorers of nature anymore. Most of the world has been discovered, and what we haven’t seen personally, there is likely already someone live streaming it with a 360 degree camera every hour of every day, so it’s pretty hard to miss out on. If you do happen to go out into the wilderness with just you and a pack of supplies, there are some things you can’t always plan ahead for. Mainly because it would be hard to carry an entire camper on your back. When it comes to gathering wood for fire so that you don’t get chilly at night, a forest normally has you covered with sticks and branches, but there will come a time when you have to make your own.

 Since there are some spots that don’t have wood sitting in wait for your usage, you have to gather it yourself. Seeing that you don’t want to lug a chainsaw around, you could always spring for this Pocket Saw instead. This is made of a heat-treated high carbon steel with two heavy duty nylon handles, all of which can do their job regardless of the weather conditions you put them in.

Obviously you don’t want to pay up $42 for a pocket saw unless you intend on using it. If you are one of those people though, you’ll find this setup to be particularly light at 6.4 ounces. It also comes with a case for easy carrying so that it can be put on your belt or in your backpack without chewing up everything it comes into contact with. It’s 25.6” long, so make sure any task you put it up to isn’t going to rival the trees in the redwood forest.

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