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Pneumatic Porch Whistle saves you from getting a sore throat

pnematic-porch-whistleDo you wish that you were back in the good old days when you were a child, and there were acres of space to run out in the open? Not only that, you had your friends around, and the simple imagination is capable of transforming a simple piece of cloth or box into a spaceship and some sort of magic carpet. Well, back in those days, your mother most probably had to hit her pot with a ladle pretty hard to summon all the children back at dusk, as shouting was too much work. Well, how about a change in times that uses technology to help you out? The $149.95 Pneumatic Porch Whistle would do the trick nicely.

This happens to be a pneumatically powered whistle that has been inspired by the iconic steam train whistles of yesteryear, which means it would not be able to run into issues whatsoever where summoning children home for the evening or guests to supper is concerned. You can add this to a porch, lakehouse deck, or recreation area, where it is full well capable of generating a safe 120 dB without alerting an entire town, and its whistle sounds four notes from its pipes simultaneously when its cord is pulled. Shorter tugs would result in staccato toots for time reminders or behavior warnings, whereas giving it a full-length pull would let ears around enjoy a robust clarion call, which trails off in a classic whine.