PlusDeck 2c

You’ve got piles and piles of old cassette tapes gathering dust in your basement. It’s a shame to ignore them, but tape playPlusDeck 2Cers are hard to come by these days, and you’d want it on your iPod anyway. Instead of buying all this music again on CD or somewhere like the iTunes Music Store, you can use the PlusDeck 2c.

The PlusDeck 2c slips into a standard 5.25” drive on your PC. You can simply insert a tape and the included software will convert that old piece of junk into either a MP3 or WAV file. There’s also an option to split the file up, but that’s easier to do in a sound editor like Audacity.

You don’t have to stand there and watch over the tape, the PlusDeck 2c takes care of everything, just let it sit. If your tape is 20 minutes long, you can come back in 20 minutes and it’ll be done.

There aren’t many requirements, just Windows 98+ (please), a sound card, expansion slot, and an available 5.25” bay. The PlusDeck 2c connects to your computer via a serial port (cord included). If you’re computer doesn’t have one, it won’t be much trouble to find a serial to USB adapter.

One other little feature, you can listen to cassettes on your computer if ever feel the urge to do so.

If you’ve got piles and piles of old cassettes, this is a great investment and will pay for itself in no time. has the PlusDeck 2c for $78, other places sell it for as much as $130!

[Found on GizWizBiz]

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