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The Pluk Storage system keeps clutter off the kitchen counter

Pluk Storage
We try our best to keep our homes mess-free, but it’s a constant struggle. The kitchen is the often the quickest to get dirty as we make our meals there, and forgotten dishes can pile up awfully fast. The counter tops end up becoming a receptacle for all sorts of mail, toys, and food, to the point where it’s hard to see any surface space. The cabinets are usually already full, so it’s a challenge trying to find room for everything.

If you have run out of surface space, you could always start hanging things from the ceiling. Of course, you’ll want to use something that can be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of whatever you put inside of it. The Pluk Storage system by FACO is a metal-framed sphere that has been weaved together with elastic string. Thanks to the two metal circles and the tautness of the string, it can hold anything from fresh fruits and veggies to bottles of wine.

This was originally a Kickstarter campaign, but it made it to reality. While there used to be plastic and wooden versions of this through the campaign, they don’t seem to be available on the FACO site. They currently only offer the black and white metal Pluk for $93 a pop, but both are listed as sold out. There doesn’t seem to be much word on when they will be restocking. Seems like a great idea, though the DIY community would likely be able to figure this one out for a fraction of the cost with no needed wait time.

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