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Plug your MP3 player, not guitar into this cool amp

I’ve tried for many years to learn how to play the guitar. Unfortunately every time I get to the point where my fingers are finally moving the way they should be, life gets in the way and suddenly I have no time to practice. Needless to say, there is a perfectly good guitar and amp sitting in my office that rarely gets used. Here is one amp that anyone will be able to use, regardless of musical talent.

The Mytunes MP3 Amp isn’t quite the same think as my little Fender amp. Rather than plugging in an electric guitar, you just hook up your iPod or other MP3 player and rock out to someone else’s music. It only has a 5-watt output, so don’t expect to hear this throughout the entire house, but it should be enough for your office. So whether you’re a guitarist, or just like cool looking speakers, you might check out this one for just $40.

Source: Uberreview