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PlayOn streaming video recorder is a first

playonWe have heard of DVRs before – digital video recorders, and here we are with something that has everything to do with video, but approaches the topic from a different viewpoint – PlayOn from MediaMall Technologies Inc. that is also known as the first-ever Streaming Video Recorder or “SVR”. PlayOn’s innovative SVR service happens to be a first-of-its-kind application which would enable users to record streaming TV shows as well as movies, playing them back on a wide range of devices without requiring the viewer to go through advertisements that can be rather annoying, courtesy of PlayOn’s AdSkip technology.

Jeff Lawrence, President and CEO, PlayOn, shared, “Streamers simply don’t have the flexibility and freedom that DVRs offer to broadcast TV consumers. With PlayOn’s SVR, we’re giving those liberties to streamers by allowing them to record their favorite streaming TV shows and movies to watch whenever and wherever they want. Users can ‘set it and forget it’ by scheduling PlayOn to automatically record new episodes of their favorite shows as they become available. This enables them to never miss another episode or movie when they are taken offline.”

PlayOn’s SVR will enable PC users to be able to leverage current streaming services to record, cast, or stream from over 100 sites, where among them include the likes of Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Comedy Central, and all of the other major networks. Not only that, users are able to easily record movies or TV shows, or even an entire series, all with the click of a button. Video recordings will then be saved to a user’s computer in order for them to enjoy an ad-free experience on a TV from the comfort of their couch or on-the-go saved to a tablet or mobile device, all without the need for the Internet, now how about that for convenience?

PlayOn is now available as a free download, but if you would like to record and play back media ad-free and to cast streaming media to a TV or device, then PlayOn Plus can be yours for $4.99 monthly, $29.99 yearly or $49.99 for a lifetime subscription.

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