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Playbulb Garden Solar Lights spruces up your garden at night

playbulb-xWhen dusk falls, we humans would definitely need a fair amount of light to get around. Otherwise, we would be literally walking around as though blind. Lights not only offer us a chance to have a look at our surroundings, but also to be able to change the way a place looks – to enhance it, and the works, so to speak. If you are lucky enough to own a garden, then you would know that having the right kind of garden lighting is always a good idea, and a bonus to have in life. Why not take the plunge with the £99.99 Playbulb Garden Solar Lights? That would be the three pack version, and if you would like to pick it up as a solitary purchase, then it will cost slightly more at £39.99 a pop.

This is a color changing solar light that can be controlled by your smartphone, and since it will harness the power of the sun to get going, you can be sure that it will not be an additional toll on your monthly expenses, whether it is from the power bill at the end of the month, or from purchasing more batteries to keep them going. There will be 5 glorious lighting effects that are sure to provide additional charm to your garden, and the smart sensors themselves will turn on when it is dark enough, and also to turn off when there is sufficient light in the vicinity. Best of all is, it comes in a lightweight design without any wires attached to it.