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Playbulb Candle offers a new take on an old method

playbulbA candle can be a romantic addition to any home or dinner table, where the kind of warmth and charm that it exudes will certainly be able to melt even the most hardened of hearts through a particular romantic overture or two. However, silk curtains billowing in the wind with a candle located right beside it might just catch fire, and no one would want a tragedy like that to happen. The idea of an electric candle is definitely not new, but here we are with the £19.99 Playbulb Candle that offers a new take on an old method.

The Playbulb Candle is actually a color-changing mood light, where it can be controlled by your smartphone. What makes the Playbulb Candle special is the fact that it is a far lower fire hazard compared to the traditional candle, doing away with the risks associated with flames, having smoke darken your freshly painted ceiling, and not having any kind of dribbly wax to contend with. There are also smart sensors which enable you to blow it out in the same way a candle works. Not only that, you can also enjoy a little aromatic ambience thanks to the embedded scent diffuser. The the Playbulb Candle is battery powered and portable, it is ideal not only for indoor, but for outdoor use as well.