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The PlayBudz Grips make controllers more manageable for big-handed gamers

playbudz grips

When you’re playing console games and the only interaction between you and the game is with the controller, you need to have one you don’t mind holding for 6 hours at a time. Most of the ones that come with game systems are made for the masses, meaning they’re made to be the ideal size for most people. This normally means if you have big hands or small hands, you’re going to have a harder go of it.

If you’re like me and have huge hands, those controllers are not comfortable after the first hour or two. The grips you hold on to just aren’t long enough, and because it’s what comes standard, we don’t think of trying to find ways to make it better. These PlayBudz Grips seem like they might make your gaming experience a bit more comfortable in that they will let those of us with Sasquatch hands easily wrap our fingers around the controller without leaving a pinkie or two to dangle off the back.

These are made of rubber, and come in black, white, purple, blue, red, green, and super saiyan yellow. You can mix and match or buy a solid set for anywhere from $6.99-9.99. They’ll be adjustable as you can push them further on or off to match your hand size. Once your controller breaks, because it will someday, you can just move this to your next controller and carry on like normal, but more comfortably.

Available for purchase on playbudz

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