Play your PSP on your TV

The PSP may of got a high quality screen but at the end of the day it only 4.3 inches (yeah we know size isn’t everything). It’s now possible to buy a gizmo that lets you play your PSP games on the big screen of your TV (which I must admit does kind of defeat the object of it being a PlayStation Portable).

I’m pretty sure in the future Sony will be releasing an official add-on that will plug-in to one of the available ports, but presently if you wanted to project your PSP to the big screen it involved invalidating your warranty, that is until now…


An Asian company has brought out a product called (cunningly enough) Play PSP on TV and it does exactly what it says on the box. It’s an odd looking contraption (as the picture above shows) that clips over the display (which it promises not to scratch), captures what ever is displayed and then transmits it to a TV.

The pictures and videos of in operation do seem pretty clear, but to me it just seems a bit crazy capturing the image off one screen (with some sort of camera) and then re-encoding that to be displayed on another. Especially since you can probably buy a standard TV ready Playstation for half the price.

So for me the jury’s out on this, I’d also expect Sony to release a simple cable and box connection at some point in the future but if you can ‘t wait till then check it out at the PSP ON TV site.