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Play List jacket for iPod lovers

bagir-jacket.jpgiPods have long been the portable music player of choice for millions across the globe for quite some time now, and it becomes obvious that a wide demographic uses Apple’s most widespread device on a daily basis. Users range from students to young working adults and even aged grandparents, but out of these groups, it is the working adults who might find the iPod’s design to be a little out of place especially when paired up with their blazer. Having unsightly wires hanging from the suit or a bulge definitely won’t win you any points with your clients, which is why tailored clothing specialist Bagir has come up with the aptly named Play List Jacket.

This unique jacket will be made exclusive to Express Men stores, integrating all the elements for an iPod into a sharp looking blazer, making this a first in the world. It has even received the “Made for iPod” authorization from Apple in case you’re wondering about the authenticity of the product. There is a special shell within the blazer for you to hold the iPod, while earphone wires are set in place through hidden loops located on the inner lapel.

You control your music via soft touch controls that have been integrated into the inner lapel. Hmm, I wonder how are you ever going to get this blazer washed assuming you’ve soiled it at a recent dinner engagement. Will plain old dry cleaning do the trick, or do you need to soak it in water? If that happens, will the Play List Jacket work after that? Those who are interested in the Play List Jacket can pick it up for $248 at an Express Men store later this month.

Press Release, photo courtesy of iLounge