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Play drums in the car with your steering wheel

Can you remember the first time when you received your driver’s license? The feeling was definitely an exhilarating one, no? Of course, over the course of time, you might find that driving is a chore, especially when you have to juggle the timetable of three children who happen to have a daily schedule that is more packed than the President himself, apart from having to crawl through the daily traffic gridlock. Let us assume you have a musical streak in you, and you might want to blow off some steam right smack in the middle of the traffic jam by playing a set of drums. They are no ordinary drums, but I am referring to “Reinventing the Wheel (RITW),” which is a steering wheel cover that allows you to entertain yourself (and perhaps the rest of the passengers) whenever you are tuning in to your car stereo.

The RITW is the brainchild of the Smack Attack Corporation, where it will set you back by $149.99 a pop. It fits around an ordinary steering wheel, where it will then be transformed into an electronic drum set which is capable of playing up to eight different drum sounds, and that is only the start as the sounds will not be limited to drums alone. You are also able to include other sounds to its onboard storage, and it is a snap to trigger them from whichever one of the its eight sensors you select.

Smack Attack Corporation also offers a wide range of sounds that you are able to upload, in addition to creating your own and uploading those. Just to make sure that all of your creative efforts do not go to waste, it can also perform a recording of all your musical masterpieces, with the option to even overdub your performances on top of each other.

Let us hope that RITW will experience a successful Kickstarter project – in the meantime, you can continue to keep your fingers dancing across the steering wheel as practice.