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Plasma Ball + Speaker System = cool.

iSound Plasma
A few days back, Al was talking about the cheapest plasma ball he’s ever found. This next gadget is a lot more expensive than the $10 the Plasma Light Bulb costs, but, and it’s a big but, this gadget will create a custom electromagnetic light show for you. Of course, all of this is done for you while you’re listening to your favorite music through the four speakers*.
*quality of light show depends on quality of music, company not responsible for disappointing light shows.

Contrary to the name (the iSound Plasma), this gadget will work with virtually every music player you throw at it thanks to the use of a standard headphone jack. Now, don’t be too sad iPod lovers, there is a special iPod stand included with the speaker system. This stand is just that though, a stand. It won’t charge, sync, or do anything else to your iPod other than hold it up. Obviously, the main feature is the giant plasma ball, which creates your electromagnetic light show according to the beat of your music. Be sure to read my disclaimer though before you buy. Other than that, the iSound Plasma is your everyday, run of the mill speaker system. There’s no FM/AM radio, no alarm, no clock, etc. But remember, it has a plasma ball and creates electromagnetic light shows. Besides, you have a watch for silly things like the time of day.

The iSound website lists the iSound Plasma as a ridiculous $150, but fortunately Amazon carries it for only $90 (although, like the MacBook, getting the black version costs an extra $10).

Oh, if you hadn’t already realized, the disclaimer was a joke. I thought it was funny.

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